Wednesday, June 27, 2018

The summer months always intensifies the nearshore and offshore fishing around the central east region of Florida. In the summer months I usually head out of the Sebastian Inlet and then cruise the beaches south towards Vero Beach. For starters I look for signs of life, such as schools of bait or diving birds. When we spot the bait, I like to take somewhat of a silent approach, to insure not to spook. We then sabiki our bait and depending on the type of fish we are targeting I decide where to go. For instant gratification I like to free line the baits right back to the schools and fish the bait pods. There are lots of kings, big jacks, Spanish mackerel, and tarpon around these bait pods.
The snapper bite remains to be solid around the reefs. We are limiting out on mutton’s, as well as a few mangroves in the mix. We also are catching a hand full of yellow tails, but most have been short. One of the things I love to do while bottom fishing is having a flat line out for a possible king, cobia or whatever else is in the vicinity.
Inshore, there are some big girl snook around the bars. This type of fishing is more for the anglers that are not looking for instant gratification, rather someone that understands he might only have one crack at it but could be a fish of a lifetime. I know avid fisherman in our area that have tried for years and have not yet landed one of these trophy snook. Hitting the 40inch + club on a snook should be on every true angler’s bucket list.
This includes my fishing report. I want to thank everyone who has booked a charter with East Coast Fishing Charters.
Capt Don