Friday, June 10, 2016

Temperatures are rising along with brutal humidity here in Florida. A change in your fishing routine may be necessary to beat the heat and find the fish. During summer months, we recommend our anglers to go out in the early dawn hours, early evening or at night to avoid the heat. The fish change their routine as well as the heat continues to rise, and they’ll be moving into deeper areas to keep cool during the hottest times in the day. Also keep in mind our summers typically include afternoon showers and thunderstorms almost daily. As summer sets in, inshore fishing is in its prime. Summers bring in a plentiful numbers of baitfish to the lagoon consequently attracting in more predatory fish, especially on the flats around Sebastian, Vero Beach and Fort Pierce. Snook and Redfish are known to be most active during the evening hours in the summer. If you’ll be on the flats, I’d definitely utilize the early morning hours between 5 am and sunrise when there should be a lot of action for Reds and Trout. In the summer, shark and tarpon numbers typically increase along the shore and beaches, and there’s been plenty of Tarpon in the water, most of the ones we’ve seen have been about medium sized, anywhere between 20-80 lbs. Don’t forget your sunscreen, and stay cool with light colored clothing. A hat and long sleeved shirt that are a breathable material are best. Polarized sunglasses are a must to help block the glare on the water, and for sight fishing the flats to be able to see the fish below the surface. Enjoy!