Wednesday, November 23, 2016

November is here and it is time to book a fishing charter on the flats around Vero Beach, Florida! With the colder temperatures setting in, the Reds, Snook, and Trout are schooling up on the flats. Fishing the flats on the Indian River Lagoon is outstanding right now because the water temperature is perfect! The great thing about fishing the flats this time of year is that the fishing improves in the later morning hours to the afternoon, so no more 5 o’clockers. I normally have my guests meet me at 8am at the McWilliams's Park boat ramp in Vero Beach, Florida.

Sebastian, Florida has also been unbelievable this entire month! The snook and reds are schooled up heavy inside the inlet on both the north and south jetties. Most of these fish we have been catching on mullet and croakers. Most of the snook we have caught are oversized with a couple slot sized in the mix! You can expect to catch lots of jack, bluefish, and ladyfish as well. The jacks and blues were so thick on my last couple of trips that the bait would no more than hit the water, and fish on! There are plenty of oversized reds in the neighborhood too and if you have never experienced hooking up with one of these monsters get ready for a long fought battle.

Flounder are on the run and there's no better place than the Sebastian Inlet. They are on their Fall spawn right now heading out to the Atlantic Ocean water depths between 50 to 100ft. As the flounder come from the shallows of the Indian River Lagoon to the deeper water of the Atlantic Ocean they will pass through the Sebastian Inlet. We catch flounder a few different ways, one of them being live mullet on the bottom, or casting jigs tipped with mullet or shrimp. Flounder are lots of fun to catch and are a phenomenal fish to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

This includes the Sebastian and Vero Beach Florida fishing report from Captain Donald