Saturday, March 31, 2018

In March, fishing is on and there is a variety of different fish all around Vero Beach and the Sebastian Inlet to target. On the calm days we have had a blast running the beaches looking for tarpon and cobia. I will say that this type of fishing isn’t for everyone. This style fishing is for the anglers that aren’t looking for instant gratification, but more for the one who loves the hunt and then hopefully landing a couple quality fish.

If the tarpon and cobia are hard to tackle and your looking to just bend the rod, we then move nearshore around the Walt Disney Resort. With all the bait moving north there are a lot of predatory fish moving with them such as Spanish mackerel, king mackerel, bluefish and lots of sharks to stay busy. Of course the conditions have everything to do with the style of fishing we do and if the wind is blowing we move to inshore fishing.

The snook and trout bite is getting hotter by the day. Most of the year I target snook in the Sebastian Inlet but in the Spring I like to move to shallow water flats around Vero Beach for bigger snook and trout. I also prefer to use lighter gear which allows for a longer cast and more of a challenge to land bigger fish. The river is getting more clear by the day so while fishing the shallows your likely to do a little site fishing.
That includes my fishing report. I want to thank everyone who booked a trip with me and allowing me to live my dream. Capt Don