Monday, January 2, 2017

First, I want to say Happy New Year to everyone! Last week, I was invited by Captain Eric of Indian River Fishing Charters and Captain Larry Walter of O'fishly Hooked Charters to help guide on a 3-boat charter in Vero Beach, Florida. We chartered a family of 9 and every one of them was an absolute pleasure to have fishing with us. The family wanted to catch fish that they could keep and then have it prepared for them at one of the best riverfront restaurants in Vero Beach, Riverside Café. By the way, the great thing about Riverside Café is for only $10.50 the restaurant will prepare your fresh catch the way you like it and offer your choice of a side along with it.
During our adventure all 3 boats caught plenty of fish! One of my favorite eating fish they were catching is the sheepshead as well as football-size black drum which are also excellent tasting! When lunch time came around we headed to the restaurant and the family relaxed while drinking a few cold ones and watching us fillet their catch. Let me also say that the father in the group tipped us very generously and also bought a round of beers for us which was greatly appreciated! I want to thank my friend Eric and my brother Larry for the invitation I had an absolute blast! This concludes my blog. Keep in mind, East Coast Fishing Charters is now taking bookings for corporate trips.