Sunday, April 22, 2018

We have had some windy conditions over the last month or so, but the fishing remains to be good. The water temperature is on the rise and the bait is showing up around Sebastian Inlet as well as in the Indian River. With all the bait coming through the inlet and into the river the predatory fish follow.
This time of year, schools of big snook show up around drop offs and sand bars all through my region from Melbourne Florida south to Vero Beach. These big girls feed on large baits such as big mullet, greenies, and piggies. When snook are in a foot of water keep in mind they are easily spooked, so a stealthy approach is a must. The wind direction plays a major key on what flat we choose to fish because these fish are usually sheltered away from the wind.
The snook and red bite in Sebastian Inlet remains good. They are definitely feeding, but to be honest it’s hard to get through all the jacks and blues to get to them. The water is getting more clear by the day so it’s that time of year when the Goliath grouper are trying to snack on anything you are trying to catch including big snook, so it’s a bit of a challenge getting your fish to the boat.
I had a couple trips down in Vero Beach this month fishing for big trout and snook which are showing up in the usual area we target this time of year. Here is a pic of Callan with a beautiful gator trout she landed on a live pilchard.
This includes my fishing report for the central east region. Thanks to everyone who booked a fishing charter with me. Capt Donald