Saturday, March 25, 2017

I had the privilege to fish with two awesome lady anglers, Sylvia and Olivia. We fished one of the windiest days this year so far! We headed toward the backwaters around the Sebastian Inlet area to seek shelter from the wind and go fishing for trout, redfish, and snook. With the windy conditions and the changing of water temperatures I will say it was my toughest fishing charter this year. The girls booked a 4-hour trip with me and the first three and a half hours of the trip we couldn't buy a bite. The last 15 minutes of the trip we went and tried one more spot where we saw birds flocked up near a sand bar. As we trolled closer to the sand bar we saw a huge school of monster snook pushing through the swallow water, then they started heading straight for the boat. We only had time for one cast at them because they were moving quickly towards us. We made a perfect cast right next to the school where one grabbed the bait, but as we were moving forward there was slack on the line. By the time we reeled the line tight to set the hook it spit the hook and got away. So the fish won this round but at the end of the day with the crazy weather we put up a valiant effort. Thank you Sylvia and Olivia for booking a trip with East Coast Fishing Charters! Having class and character such as yours while on my boat makes the world a better place, and makes me love what I do even more. Watching Olivia's expression when she saw a porpoise for the first time was awesome. Sylvia, you had me cracking me up because you felt sorry for the shrimp every time it was wiggling on the hook. Having you two ladies on my boat was an absolute pleasure!