Monday, March 6, 2017

Well it is March and like usual the forecast is calling for some very windy days. The wind has been blowing consistently between 15 to 25mph out of the north east with gusts up to 35mph. The fishing is good; it just depends on which fish you want to target. I am excited to say that I have some adjustments to make on my website. I recently traded in the 183 Ghost Ranger flats boat for a 2017 22 ft Pathfinder bay boat. This new boat is much more versatile than the Ranger I had. With the Pathfinder boat I can fish with 4 guests comfortably, and have room to spare whereas with the Ranger having a three-guest trip was a crowd. Also, with the Pathfinder being a bay boat you are going to have a much drier ride than the flats boat. The hull design of the boat allows us to fish in both shallower flats and handle rougher conditions in the inlet and around the beaches of Vero Beach and Sebastian Florida. With that being said, I will post some pics of the boat up on the site soon.
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