Friday, November 13, 2020

Well, I am way late on this fishing report! With the tropical storm around, I figured it’s a good time to get a report out there. So, it has been since the Summer months that I got a report out, and now we are in the Fall weather patterns.

The Fall months are always a great time to fish. For one, it’s a lot cooler out, but not cold enough to shut the fishing down. In the months of October and November, we get schools of redfish that move into Sebastian Inlet. We usually get a good run of slot size reds ranging from 18 to 27 inches, and then the bigger bulls move in. They, often, come through during the mullet run. What’s cool about fishing the mullet run is the baits are super easy to catch! There have been many times when I threw the cast net, got loads of mullet, dropped them straight down, and was hooking up left and right!

Let’s not forget snook season is still on until December 15. Snook season has been good this year! Snook need to be between 28 to 32 inches to keep. We don’t always land the keepers, but we usually catch a few oversized ones. One of the great things about fishing Sebastian Inlet for snook and reds is you never know what else you might catch. During the last couple of trips we have landed some different species, including a couple good size Cubera snapper!

The inshore fishing is good now, as well. During October and November, I run more inshore trips for sure. For one, the fishing is simply better. Also, I have clients this time of year that love to hit the flats while staying away from the crowds. Some people that I fish with are looking for a once in a lifetime gator trout or a giant snook! Can you blame them?

Here’s a shot of a once in a lifetime trout caught around the flats in Vero Beach! A true gator!