Tuesday, February 20, 2018

We are only a little over half way through February and our springtime fishing is on. We had our share of fine weather in the last week or so, and we have been able to fish Sebastian Inlet for big reds and snook. Also, we have been running the beaches around Vero Beach looking for cobia and tarpon. As usual, we start our trips catching live bait, and then we are on the hunt for bigger and better.
In the last few trips, I started off in the morning at the inlet for snook and reds. The reds have really turned on and they are all bulls. The snook are chewing too, but there are so many jacks that it’s hard to get bait down to the snook before the jacks intercept it. I have been catching double the bait amount because we lose so much to the jacks.
After we fish Sebastian Inlet the REEL excitement begins running the beaches looking for giant manta rays. With these giant rays there is Cobia! Cobia is one of the most exciting fish you will ever catch, especially while site-fishing for them. We have seen big schools of the rays and have had great luck pulling Cobia off from them. By the way, Cobia makes very good table fare.
There has been a lot of bait up and down the beach and the tarpon are all around the pods of bait fish. I haven’t really targeted them but they are easy to spot, so if catching a big tarpon is on your bucket list there’s a good chance we could run into one.
This includes the fishing report for the Vero Beach and Sebastian areas. Thank you to all of my guests who booked a charter with me.

Capt Don