If you are seeking a possible world record fish, Fort Pierce Fl is home of the spotted seatrout. The Fort Pierce area holds multiple records on seatrout including the world record! This fish, caught in 1995, weighed 17 lb 7 oz. The spotted seatrout feed on a number of different baits including artificial or live bait. When fishing with live bait, using shrimp under a popping cork or free-lining with live mullet is always a great choice.

When fishing for seatrout using lighter tackle is important, especially when pitching live shrimp or tossing lures. Having lighter tackle allows for further casting, and keeps the boat from being too close to the fish which would otherwise spook them. Another reason why using lighter tackle is better is because the lighter the gear is, the easier it is to control the motion of the lure. Working the lure correctly keeps the bait looking realistic to the fish.

The larger spotted seatrout are referred to as Gator Trout. They have this nickname because they have long teeth, a large gaping yellow mouth, and a big belly. When catching these large breeding fish it is best to take a great photo while handling and releasing them very carefully. The larger breeding females ensure that the population will thrive, allowing a better chance for future anglers to catch one.