If you are looking for a battle with a punch, snook fishing is at the top of the list. Anglers from all over the country specifically target these fish because of their aggressive fighting ability. Snook are known for their hard-hitting action. There is nothing subtle about a snook striking your bait. Not only are big snook one of the hardest pulling fish, but they are also acrobatic. They are creatures of habit schooling up near structures like mangroves, docks, inlets, and near pilings under bridges.

The Sebastian Inlet is one of the best fishing estuaries for snook in the world. There are many structures for this fish to hang around in the inlet, and plenty of bait fish for them to ambush. Fishing the right tide in Sebastian Inlet is important. Since snook have keen senses when ambushing prey in murky water, they particularly like feeding during outgoing tide when the brackish water runs back into the ocean.

When fishing in Vero Beach, Florida, there is a completely different approach when targeting snook. They will generally be under mangroves, docks, or a shallow flat. Most anglers prefer to use lighter tackle when fishing the flats because the fish will put up a better fight. When fishing docks, it’s best to have heavy duty tackle because the snook will wrap your line around the piling causing it will break off.

Another world renowned snook fishing location is Fort Pierce Florida. The great thing about Fort Pierce is it`s in a subtropical climate that allows these fish to hang around throughout the year. This broad area holds a large population of these fish allowing several quality areas to locate snook.