The time of year and temperature of the water make a difference on where to find Redfish. Around late summer into fall, large Redfish are spawning near estuary inlets and passes. The Sebastian Inlet is a great destination for these schooling fish. When fishing The Sebastian Inlet it`s important to fish on the right tide, and with the correct bait and tackle.

In the winter months you can find redfish schooling on the flats all through the Central East Coast of Florida! These flats are located in three bodies of water; the Mosquito lagoon, Banana River, and the Indian River Lagoon near Titusville and Cocoa Beach, FL which is about an hour from Walt Disney World in Orlando. Since there are not any inlets nearby this region, these flats have very little tidal movement. Therefore, a great approach is to use a sight-fishing technique through these areas of flats.

Moving south towards Vero Beach and Fort Pierce, Florida on the Indian River Lagoon fishing on tidal flats is the key to finding redfish. It is best to fish in the late morning through the afternoon during the winter period as the water temperatures are warmer this time of the day.